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Procrastinating Parent, Yes, That’s Me


Busy_timeWe are fast approaching the first of the month. That means the first Sunday is a homeoprophylaxis administration day! I’m an HP parent, I am proud of our choice to educate our children’s immune systems using this protocol.

Why do I sometimes procrastinate regarding something that is beneficial to my children?

Homeoprophylaxis, or HP, is the process of introducing energetic information to the immune system. When we give an HP nosode, we are introducing to our children’s immune systems the energetic imprint of an infectious pathogen. A nosode contains none of the crude material of a pathogen. There are no live or killed pathogens; there are no pieces or remnants of microbes. There are no additives or adjuvants like those found in conventional vaccines. I am a proponent of HP. I know its benefits, have witnessed them and am happy that we have found this method of educating our children’s immune systems. And yet, sometimes I stall when giving my children their HP remedies.

Part of the process of administering an HP nosode is observation. We give an HP remedy and watch and wait. We like to give the process undivided attention and that takes precious time.

An important process of homeoprophylaxis is observing how our children’s individual immune systems respond to each remedy. In doing so, we have the opportunity to learn our children’s unique susceptibilities – to witness how their systems mount a response and resolve disease. As HP parents, we learn to tune in to the specific subtleties of how our children interface with the world around them through the mechanisms of their immune system. Since we are sentient beings, the mechanisms of the immune system also include how we operate emotionally, mentally and spiritually, if so inclined, in the world.

And so, I am guilty of looking at our family calendar.

Do my children have a more demanding week at school? We live in the seasonal allergy capital of the US, is one or both of them grappling with pollen allergies? Does someone have a runny nose? Are people coming into town? Are we traveling in the coming days? Will I be separated from my children for a large part of the day following an HP dose administration? If the answer is yes to one or a number of those questions then we reschedule the dose.

It is important to maintain a regular schedule of HP remedy administration and to ensure that there is not too large a lapse of time between remedies. It is equally important that our children’s immune systems be at their optimal when encountering new energetic disease information.

Any time we learn new information we go through a period of reorganization and a period of integration. While HP is safe and gentle, it is a process of learning new information. It creates heightened awareness in the body. The body needs time to integrate new lessons and learnings. If the body is already indisposed because there is a cold or an allergic inflammatory response, it is not a good time to administer the dose. Knowing what I do about my children, if they are also dealing with new or more emotionally charged situations, even if it is something fun, their systems are already pushing their limits. And so I wait.

With the help of their HP supervisors, every family determines their optimal HP administration rhythm.

In our home we attempt to assist our children’s immune systems by providing as calm and regular an environment as possible- as calm and regular as a 5 and 2 1/2 year old can be. This allows their systems to take in the new information presented by the HP remedy. It gives their systems the opportunity to integrate. Our fast-paced world is overflowing with myriad stressors be those emotional, physical, environmental, mental, you name it. Every family finds their rhythm, this has become ours. Building a few calmer, quieter days into our family schedule during which we administer the HP dose helps us all in the long run.

Who couldn’t use some down time and connection time in our busy world?

Here’s to finding your rhythm!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well-being.





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