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My name is Katharina McCall Peterson, yet I am known to most everyone as Kat. My beloved husband, Noel, is the founder and primary practitioner of the Austin Clinic of Homeopathy in Texas. We are the first time parents to our amazing Little Man. Little Man is an April 2012 baby. In the fall of 2014, we welcomed our second son. Baby Boy broadens our family and our hearts.He taught us valuable lessons of patience and perseverance and continues to brighten our lives.

It could be said that I have spent most of my working life as an explorer. My Bachelor’s degree reads that I majored in Art, painting and drawing to be exact. I’ve worked in Human Resources/Organizational Development and Learning and Development. I’ve also trained as a Therapeutic Life Coach and practiced life coaching for an international company. I taught high school English and served as a Special Education Teacher. Noel and I both served our country as volunteers through Americorps NCCC. Currently, I am fortunate to spend my time as the primary caretaker for our precious sons. And as of May 2013, I am studying to be a classical Homeopath through the British Institute of Homeopathy.


The Personal Motivation- A common thread and foundation supports all my working incarnations. That thread and foundation is my passion for conscientious and holistic human and community development. We are all given a unique, individual light, a light which this world needs and wants at the time and space in history in which we are born. As parents, we must safeguard our children’s light and teach them to be confident, conscious purveyors of that light for the world. Our children can more aptly fulfill their purposes in life when they feel healthy and vibrant on all levels of their being.

Why this Site- As you can imagine, our Little Man is the reason for our Homeoprophylaxis journey and the catalyst for this site. I wish I could say that we began with HP right off the bat. Even with my husband’s homeopathy background and our convictions about health, we succumbed to the pressures to vaccinate. Little Man had two doses of the DTaP. He received those doses at 3 months and then again at 5 months. He suffered reactions that alarmed us and give us that proverbial smack upside the head that our baby’s health is not to be trifled with and that no amount of formaldehyde mixed with aluminum, beef casein sprinkled with acellular microbes and injected into such tiny, young veins is a “safe” amount. We underwent an extensive “detox” process through another homeopathic therapy known as CEASE. Baby Boy has never been vaccinated.

What Brings Us Together Here- Every parent and caregiver must weigh the facts; they must do their own homework around the available information and circulating beliefs. In the end, we make the best decisions we can for our children with the information we have. I am not a medical professional, nor can I rattle off copious amounts of medical jargon or statistics. I am a concerned parent who witnessed first hand the ill effects of a vaccine upon her child. I have also witnessed his magnificent turn around through dedicated homeopathic and holistic health practices. Along with the other parents of this community, we are on the path of educating our children’s immune systems through the use of homeoprophylaxis. Together, we share ideas, concerns and pointers to help encourage each other along the HP way.

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  1. excellent! way to have a big life, big love, and big voice! health and mercy to you,

    • Thank you so much Sandy! Thank you for taking the time to take a look at the site and thank you for all you do in your field and your world! I’m honored to know you and love your sense of humor and insights. All the best to you.

  2. Thanks, Kat, for creating a beautiful place of peace and practice. Together with those Kindred Spirits who find you, more of Life’s wisdom will find its way into the arms of those who need it most.

    Wishing you great success on your Journey.


  3. I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog! I just today saw your husbands website and wondered what his stance was on the vaccine issue. I have a three year old little girl and this is a subject that is very important to me. I hope to see more posts from you on this topic =)

    • Thank you so much Alison! It’s good to hear from you. Motherhood has definitely made me feel much more strongly about these issues as well. While this website is still quite young, my hope is that it will become a place for community and a collection of resources for people who have either always questioned the vaccine demands or are just starting to and are curious about options as well as ways to promote immunity. Thanks for visiting!

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