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This Weekend We Marched Against GMOs


GMOLittle Man got his first taste of activism and an experience of the people taking their voices to the streets. On one of the rainiest and dreariest days in a state that is otherwise rain-starved, we rallied and joined protesters clad in bee outfits, jester masks and ominous gas masks. We saw signs such as “The Makers of Agent Orange and DDT Now Bring You Dinner…Hungry?” It makes you wonder how organizations that wheel and deal in poisons now have a vested interest in food. You might ask, what do GMOs have to do with Homeoprophylaxis, or HP? And why say no to GMOs? Let’s have a little fun with these topics:

Sustainable agriculture goes a long way in supporting not only our environment but also our personal and therefore communal health. 

Proponents of GMOs might argue that genetically modifying vegetables to be drought and pest resistant could benefit many developing nations who might otherwise starve. Human beings like to pretend they can outsmart Mother Nature but Mother Nature is the queen of adaptation. Look how many years have gone into the evolution of our body systems. In the years that industrial agriculture has been utilizing herbicides such as Round Up, weeds and other pests have grown resistant thus necessitating larger amounts of the chemicals in order to get the job done. Unfortunately larger amounts of chemicals also injure and kill the crops they are intended to serve. Tada…meet genetically engineered produce that can seemingly withstand the chemical laden herbicides yet are considered safe for human ingestion and ready for mass production.

But how “safe” are these food products really? What is happening in our bodies when we consume genetically modified produce?

According to doctors like Stephanie Seneff, these foods are compromising our guts and confusing our immune systems and can also be contributed to the rise of autoimmune disorders, which is ultimately the immune system attacking the body it protects. In addition to stripping the body of vital nutrients and compromising necessary physiological processes, GMOs tax and alter biological life on our planet. GMO produce can contaminate naturally occurring plant life thus altering its genetic structure and through consumption, ours as well.

So, what is the link to HP? 

GMOs in our food supply are just one of the many toxic components of modern life. Our children must navigate an increasingly polluted earth. An increasingly polluted earth correlates to an increasingly polluted body. As goes the earth, so goes the body. Parent’s who choose HP, are actively choosing to forgo injecting toxins, like the formaldehyde and aluminum found in vaccines, into their children’s bodies. A common misconception about parents who choose not to vaccinate is that we are an ignorant bunch who do absolutely nothing to support our children’s immunity. The assumption is that vaccination is the only means by which the immune system is bolstered.

On the contrary, all parents, regardless of their decision to vaccinate or not, are also responsible for giving their children’s immune systems every opportunity to function at an optimal level.

That means understanding a bit about this amazing thing called the immune system. It means paying attention to our children’s nutrition, the environment in which they are brought up in, cultivating loving relationships and alleviating stress in healthy ways, to name a few. The thoughts we harbor, the state of our emotional selves, the environment we operate in and the foods which enter our bodies, all have an effect on our immune functioning.

Many traditional practices such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine have long held the belief that the immune system is very much linked to the functioning of the gut. The digestive system and immune system, heck all of our systems for that matter, function symbiotically and are interdependent. The immune system relies on the digestive system to draw into the body the necessary nutrients and elements in order for it to do the job of protecting the body. The digestive system happens to also be an area that many pathogens can gain entry  to the body and so it draws heavily on the protective power of the immune system in order to do its work. It is vital that our systems are properly protected so that they can all sustain life.

As parents, one very direct and powerful way in which we can assist our children’s immune systems is through the foods we provide and teach our children to desire. 

GMOs affect the digestive system and; therefore, the immune system in toxic ways. We must consciously choose foods that will build, rather than destroy, our children’s immunity. Companies are not yet required to label the GMOs they use. At this point in our history, there are no labels to notify the public to potential GMOs that comprise the foods we reach for on supermarket shelves. We are left to our own devices to research and know where there may be hidden health compromisers in the foods we buy.

Research and know about the GMO content of our favorite produce and packaged goods.

As parents, we are tasked with safeguarding our children’s vitality and health. We must in turn teach them to safeguard their own vitality and health in the choices they make for their future and the future of humanity. Choosing the short-term, quick fix, easy dollar has never proved sustainable or healthy.

Parents choose HP, a non-toxic form of educating the immune system to pathogens and disease processes. Why not continue to educate and bolster the immune system through non-toxic, conscientious food choices for ourselves and for our world?



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