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Weathering the HP Reaction


feeling sick“During the course of HP, and given a child’s state or natural proclivity to manifest symptoms in a certain way, a child may have a more intense reaction to some of the remedies.”

I remember hearing it from Little Man’s homeopath. I remember reading about it in my research regarding Homeoprophylaxis. I know it personally, from my own experiences taking my own homeopathic remedies . Depending on a person’s state, underlying miasm, or just our individual manner of immunologically dealing with what comes our way, a person will have a certain proclivity to manifest symptoms a certain way. Boy did I get a crash course in recognizing and handling my young son’s individual proclivity for certain symptoms and an underlying miasm.

When administering the HP protocol certain acute responses can be expected.

Some of these responses may include: a curative fever in the first 24-48 hours of administering the remedy (not to be confused with an out of control, high fever), more mucus production, slight sleeplessness or even greater desire for sleep, agitation or clinginess.  It came as no surprise to me, that upon giving Little Man one of his latest remedies in the HP protocol he manufactured a more prolific amount of runny mucus. His mucus was clear and so I let it ride. 24 hours after administering the remedy, he had a slight fever, nothing major. I thought, okay, this is the tail end of his remedy process, just like I read in The Solution. These were things I had seen before with the remedy protocol. It was when the intense coughing ensued for almost two weeks that I thought to myself, what is going on with my kiddo and what are we doing with this HP business?!

Witnessing a child’s remedy reaction can rattle even the most dedicated HP parent.

With the HP protocol, parents are taught to be active participants in the immunological process of their child. Each HP remedy focuses on one disease at a time, as opposed to the 3-5 present in many vaccines. Symptoms are noted and the disease process is resolved for immunity to occur. We must be astute observers of the child’s symptomology so that any proper acute remedy can be administered if needed. More often than not a response is mild and over in 24-48 hours. If there are symptoms that are different than those that would be associated to the disease the HP remedy addressed then a child may have presented symptoms from some other infection not associated to the HP remedy and acute care is sought.

If the child continues to express symptoms that are of the nature of the disease the HP remedy addressed, then we are looking at an HP reaction and a child’s underling proclivity to that particular symptomology.

After giving Little Man the HP remedy Pneumococcinum, he continued to express intense coughing symptoms that spoke to the energy of pneumonia. I tired many different remedies to help the cough; the cough kept changing. I made him steam baths to clear the throat and chest; the humidifier ran night and day, nothing seemed to help. Just to be sure I hadn’t somehow inflicted my child with full blown pneumonia, I took him to the doctor. Yes, the doubts began to set in, we HP parents, although growing in number, are still a small group. Nagging conventional fears can get the better of us at times. The doctor reiterated that it was predominantly post nasal drip that was causing all this raucous and that if the color of his mucus changed they would prescribe routine antibiotics. It was in conversation with Little Man’s homeopath that the miasm word came up again. In the most simplified language of this writer:

The homeopathic term miasm refers to the belief that all diseases in the world can be traced back to a handful of core dysfunctional mental, emotional and physical predispositions. 

Miasms can also run in families. Miasms can also be resolved at any point and cease to then by a hereditary factor. What triggered the miasm conversation is that Little Man coughed in a similar manner that I did while pregnant with him. As a child, I had a number of pneumonias and pneumonias plagued my own mother in adulthood. We treated Little Man with a remedy that tackled the miasm associated to bronchial disruption and wouldn’t you know it: AMAZING RESULTS! Not only did he resolve the symptoms but he also showed wonderful developmental growth, as if he had a new lease on his toddler life.

The beauty of HP is we get the opportunity to explore all that makes us human, our wellness, our illness and our capability for healing and change.

While the remedy reaction can be unnerving, it is my hope that as my son resolves these proclivities, more of his physical, mental and emotional capabilities are unleashed. It is my hope that for all of us, as a community, as a global people, we continue to move forward on our personal journeys of health and wellbeing, meeting the challenges and becoming more than we ever thought we could be.

Cheers to you and your family’s health and wellbeing.


  1. I just gave my kids the Pneumococcum 200 remedy and too and detected no symptoms. It left me wondering if my HP kit has somehow been rendered ineffective. Is there a way to know? Before this I gave Lathyrus and Pertussin and symptoms were ever so slight, too.

    • Hi. Thank you for your post. Every response will be so individualized. That’s the beauty of our bodies and vitality. What one person reacts to another will not, our expressions and mannerisms are so personal as will be our response to a remedy. With Little Man, we continue to journal anything that emerges, looking for patterns and learning how his body expresses its immunological responses. There actually don’t have to be any symptoms and the remedy will still be doing its action. It could be that your child just didn’t have a proclivity or was not as susceptible to that particular disease. Your best bet will be to query your HP supervisor

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