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How to Administer an HP Remedy


I love when parents reach out via the Everyday HP Facebook page. It gives me an opportunity to develop content that speaks directly to what parents are curious about or wanting more information on. Thank you to the mama who messaged and asked about a video to show the administration of a homeoprophylaxis remedy.

It’s always best to be in touch with your HP supervisor with any questions and for guidance on administration. Once you have the basics down, administering an HP remedy can become second nature.

Another great thing about HP, is that after they get the hang of it, kiddos are more than happy to take their remedies. There are two ways to administer your HP remedy: the dry dose method of directly taking the pellets and the aqueous dose. We’ll go over both in the video and below.

Dry dose (good for toddlers and older children- children who can hold food in the mouth and can let a substance dissolve):

1. Note the amount of pellets/pillules make up a dose. I ordered our family kit through Free and Healthy Children International and so a dose equates to 2-3 pellets.

2. Shake out the pellets into the cap being sure that you don’t touch the pillules or inside the vial with your fingers. If you shake out too many it is fine to tip a few back into the vial, again, being sure not to touch them with your fingers.

3. Your child’s mouth should be free of food or drink for 30 minutes before a remedy and for 30 minutes after.

4. Holding the cap, tip the pellets into your child’s mouth.

5. Ideally you want the child to keep the pellets under the tongue or, at least, somewhere in the mouth to dissolve the remedy. My kids tend to want to crunch into the remedy immediately.

Aqueous Dose (good for babies and children who are sensitive to holding and dissolving a substance in the mouth):

1.  Fill a glass with 1 oz, about a tablespoon, of distilled or filtered water.

2. Shake the proper amount of pellets to equate to a dose into the cap of the vial. If you get too many pillules in the cap, you can shake them back into the vial. Be sure not to touch the pellets or inside the vial.

3. Tip the pellets out of the cap and into the water in the glass. Allow time to dissolve completely, about 2-3 minutes.

4. Once the remedy is completely dissolved, stir vigorously, about 10 seconds, with a metal spoon.

5. Your child’s mouth should be free of food or drink for 30 minutes before a remedy and for 30 minutes after.

6. Use a clean dropper or medicine syringe to gently give 1 teaspoon of the water-remedy solution allowing them the time to adequately ingest the liquid.

Working in concert with their HP supervisor, each family finds the best method for their children. The beauty of the remedy is that it is an energetic resonance and works safely and effectively with the child’s vital force to educate the immune system.

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well being.

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