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First International HP Conference

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HP ConferenceYou are an educated parent. You research and weigh options for the sake of making the best possible choice for your family’s health needs. You’ve heard the media din about vaccines and infectious disease. You’ve read the headlines. You want to ensure the wellbeing of your children while creating a healthy community and responsible citizenry as well. Above all, you want choices and options when it comes to invasive medical procedures with potential, very real, and often serious side effects.

What if there is a choice? What if there is more than one way to educate our children’s immune systems in an attempt to stave off and lessen the plight of infectious disease?

Perhaps you’ve run across the term Homeoprophylaxis, or more simply, HP. The numbers of families choosing this safe, non-toxic method of infectious disease prevention are growing. Homeoprophylaxis, or HP, gives us a choice in infectious disease prevention methods.

Your opportunity to attend the first International Homeoprophylaxis Conference is here! To ensure you receive updates, check out and “Like” the Conference Facebook page here. October 2 through 4, 2015 in Dallas, Texas we have the opportunity to hear from some of the worldwide experts on HP!

Enjoy discourse and presentations from leading HP researcher Isaac Golden, Immunologist Dr. Tetyana Obuchanych, Vaccine Exemption Lawyer Allan Phillips JD, Gastroenteroligist Andrew Wakefield, Author of There is a Choice, Coauthor of The Solution, CoFounder and Chair of the conference Cilla Whatcott and many more!

I had the opportunity to chat with Cilla Whatcott about the upcoming conference.

EHP: What inspired you to hold a conference for HP?

Cilla: In my “first career” I was a dancer/choreographer and produced  large performances. I love all the moving parts and the excitement of watching something creatively come together.  Cathy Lemmon encouraged me to act with her on the idea of an international conference. Together we have encouraged and inspired each other to make this happen.

EHP: Was there anything about our current culture that inspired any “Now is the time!” activity?

Cilla: Of course the measles propaganda actually helped the issue to come to a head for many parents, and homeopathic practitioners have been deluged with requests for HP. I’d say the timing is just right! (I felt an urgency to leave the prior project I was working on and I think that was my subconscious knowing the time was right now!)

EHP: What are your thoughts about our current culture and the openness for this next step in shifting the paradigm?

Cilla: Parents are smart. They are asking questions and researching. Parents are also devoted to the welfare of their children. They won’t stand by and watch as their rights to make medical decisions are removed. This paradigm shift is happening. The pressure from the outside is creating the change on the inside. The awareness of energetic models is expanding and becoming more accepted as parents see the futility of suppressing symptoms, which causes more illness, and addressing the whole child instead.

EHP: What are your goals and desired outcomes for holding the conference?

Cilla: The goal is to raise the conscious awareness that there is another way, a better way.  This will empower parents to seek more information and explore alternatives. This will engage practitioners to learn more if they are not already employing HP in their practices. By showing the public that this has been done for many years, in many ways, in many places, we will build a grassroots energy.

EHP: You currently hail from the Twin Cities, a hotbed for North American HP and homeopathy in general. Why have the conference in Texas?

Cilla: Texas is a warm and welcoming place. Dallas is a well-known city internationally. Venues are more affordable than in many other cities. The middle of the country is accessible to both coasts equally.  And Texas is a BIG state that still has the philosophical exemption for vaccination. Perfect place!

EHP: What, if any, concerns are there regarding any conventional medical backlash? What do you think the response might be?

Cilla: There will always be cynicism, criticism and contempt for that which is misunderstood. When has it ever been different? But as Gandhi said, “First they ignore, then they laugh, then they fight, then you win.” I sense we’re approaching the “winning” phase.

EHP: It seems like such  wonderful, well rounded line up. There are presenters about law, about the immune system, about HP and homeopathy etc. If you were curious about HP, curious about shifting the paradigm, and could listen to just one presenter, who would you suggest?

Cilla: That’s tough because we carefully chose the presenters to really give a broad view of the topic, so each will be fascinating to hear. I think Tetyana will be very interesting for parents who are just learning more since she is a credentialed immunologist who is “enlightened.” Instead of spouting dogma, Tetyana has her eyes open and shares some excellent insights to the immune system.

EHP: As a parent in a state that has talked the talk about mandatory vaccines, I find that more parents become interested in HP when such rhetoric and pressure begins. In instances like this parents often find homeopathy because of an interest in HP. They seek a safe, effective alternative to the vaccinations, find HP and then are led to ask more questions about homeopathy. HP is not exactly classical homeopathy, how do the two fit?

Cilla: But it does stem from classical homeopathy. Hahnemann himself used it. Which is better, to wait until an epidemic sweeps the population, then scramble to find a ‘genus epidemicus?’ Or being prepared by educating immune systems with disease frequencies so they are prepared, in harmony with other lifeforms (viruses and bacteria) and we all evolve together? We are not the only ones on this planet and messing with Mother Nature has NOT served us well. Maybe it’s time to utilize natural methods to live in harmony. We are all connected and finally many are beginning to realize this truth.

EHP: Anything else that you find important to mention for interested parents or healthcare professionals?

Cilla: I would urge people to come to this conference, associate with like-minded people, open your minds to the amazing information that will be here. Having the support of international organizations like Weston A. Price and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association tells the world that the intention is authentic. This is an opportunity to feel the energy of those who care and want to make a real difference. Rubbing shoulders with these presenters and attendees will change the way you view the world. That’s a promise!

Cheers to your health and wellbeing. We’ll see you in Dallas in October!

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