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The Beach and HP! Conference 2016


HP2016You work hard to care for the health and well-being of your family. You are an active participant in your world and desire to collaborate, foster healthy relationships and move toward a conscientious way of operating in your community. By your very existence and decisions to consciously choose a preventative healthcare path that is steeped in honoring the totality of the individual, you have stepped outside the often boisterous din of the herd. How is that for you?

Perhaps you already are an HP parent. Perhaps you do not feel right about the ever-expanding “recommended”, and in some cases mandatory, vaccine schedule and now you are curious about homeoprophylaxis.

No matter what has brought you to this point, your questions, your concerns, are valid and imperative. It is by questioning and examining the world around us that we evolve and grow. You are educated. You do your research. Now what? 

Here is your opportunity to join many like-minded parents, health care professionals, leaders and educators who are championing a holistic, safe and effective approach to educating the immune system!

October 7-9, 2016 the Second Annual Homeoprophylaxis Conference makes its appearance in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are not static beings, we continue to dig deeper into our understanding of our own bodies and the world around us. In a time where chronic, inflammatory diseases are on the rise,  we are facing unique challenges in the wake of pharmaceutical-dominated medical practices. You will have the opportunity to hear from leading HP researcher Isaac Golden, Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych, author and conference chair Cilla Whatcott, Weston A Price Foundation‘s Sally Fallon Morell, vaccine rights attorney Allan Phillips, as well as healthcare professionals Ronald Whitmont MD, Debra Gambrell DO and many more. The presenters and speakers at this year’s conference will undoubtedly give us much to think about for ours and our cultures’ approach to health and preventative medicine as well as the ever increasing need to protect our health freedoms.

I had the opportunity to chat with Cilla Whatcott about the upcoming conference: 

EHP: I had the privilege to attend the first conference held last year in Dallas. From my perception, the first conference appeared to introduce and lay the foundation for homeoprophylaxis to be a viable public health measure for preventing infectious disease. The first conference also touched on subjects of immunology and legal considerations around choosing to break from the conventional vaccine paradigm. Judging from the phenomenal line-up for this year’s conference in St. Petersburg, I see an evolution happening. The conversation builds on the foundation of the first and expands to include medical professionals from the otherwise conventional paradigm. How did your thinking and motivation for the second conference evolve from the first?

Cilla: I could see that while parents are the driving force, the critical piece of progress will occur when their pediatricians wake up and take notice as well.  Then they can recommend HP with confidence.

EHP: How did you take your lessons learned to develop this upcoming conference?

Cilla: I wanted more MD’s, PhD’s and DO’s to present so the material would be respected by medical practitioners but still accessible to parents and lay people.

EHP: What are your goals and desired outcomes for the conference?

Cilla: To inform about HP in a way that can reach both parents and medical providers.  And to offer training to administer HP to medical providers.

EHP: As more MDs, NPs, PAs and DOs come on board with homeoprophylaxis, is that changing the conversation about HP, and if so how? Are there any pleasant surprises or emerging struggles given this dynamic?

Cilla: Well, they want double blind studies. This is not how medicine has traditionally gathered information. Clinical evidence is important – what doctors see among their patients. Much of the evidence for HP is observational. That being said, the observations have been with groups of millions of people. I think that’s pretty convincing. This is why I am also working with some MD’s to gather additional evidence.

EHP: As more licensed medical practitioners come on board with HP, how do you see that changing the approach to preventative care? Do you find licensed medical practitioners who offer HP do so alongside vaccination or do they discontinue vaccination at their practice?

Cilla: Most who understand the relevance of HP are also pretty savvy about the dangers of vaccination and choose to limit their use of it.

EHP: For parents new to HP, how would the conference benefit their understanding and practice of HP?

Cilla: It will give them a clear overall view of how immunity works, what role HP can play, where nutrition, gut biome and emotions interplay with immunity, and how HP is compatible in every way. They will also learns how to access an HP program for their children.

EHP: What would you tell parents who attended last year about the importance of this year’s conference?

Cilla: This year will go a bit deeper, follow a clear theme and provide them with some of what they thought might be missing from last year’s conference.

EHP: If a parent new to HP, and therefore homeopathy, were to ask how are conventional care and homeopathy different, what would be your answer? And, how can a parent integrate a homeopathy mindset in a conventional, industry-dominated healthcare system?

Cilla: Homeopathy and HP view health and disease in an entirely different way from conventional medicine.  Symptoms aren’t something extra on your body to “get rid of.” Symptoms are the body’s expression of what’s wrong and we interpret that in a logical way to steer towards greater health. There’s a lot more to teach. Let’s save that for another time.

EHP: Last time we talked a bit about the cultural shift emerging and the call to change the vaccination paradigm. In this one year alone, we have seen the outcry growing. Voices are begging to be heard. From the popularity of the movie Vaxxed, which we were given a sneak peak of at last year’s conference, to the challenge SB277 is getting in California, people are pushing back on the industry control prominent in the vaccination paradigm. What is your take on our present culture, the growing number of licensed professionals questioning the paradigm and the importance of this conference?

Cilla: My take is that all things contain opposition. You can’t have light without dark.  The increase in seemingly horrible mandates and frauds is exactly what needs to happen in order for the light to expand. People ARE waking up and this is a great thing!

EHP: This year, if a busy parent were only to witness one presenter, who do you think would knock the socks off an emerging HP parent proponent?

Cilla: Tough question, Kat.  I’d have to say ALL of it is important, especially since the entire conference flows with a theme that builds.

EHP: Anything else you would like to share about this year’s conference?

Cilla: An interesting addition to this year’s conference will be Dr Charles Gant who will be speaking about genetic testing and the information it provides to individualize medical care. This is critical.  One of the exhibit tables will also be offering genetic testing as well.  Also, Ty Bollinger (producer of The Truth About Cancer) will be present with his film crew to interview some of the speakers for his next documentary.  I’ll let the topic of that remain a mystery…..

Personally, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one presenter either. I am so excited to attend.

We will see you all in St. Petersburg! Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well being!

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