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How to Administer an HP Remedy

July 16, 2017 by Kat | 0 comments

I love when parents reach out via the Everyday HP Facebook page. It gives me an opportunity to develop content that speaks directly to what parents are curious about or wanting more information on. Thank you to the mama who messaged and asked about a video to show the administration of a homeoprophylaxis remedy.

It’s always best to be in touch with your HP supervisor with any questions and for guidance on administration. Once you have the basics down, administering an HP remedy can become second nature.

Another great thing about HP, is that after they get the hang of it, kiddos are more than happy to take their remedies. There are two ways to administer your HP remedy: the dry dose method of directly taking the pellets and the aqueous dose. We’ll go over both in the video and below.

Dry dose (good for toddlers and older children- children who can hold food in the mouth and can let a substance dissolve):

1. Note the amount of pellets/pillules make up a dose. I ordered our family kit through Free and Healthy Children International and so a dose equates to 2-3 pellets.

2. Shake out the pellets into the cap being sure that you don’t touch the pillules or inside the vial with your fingers. If you shake out too many it is fine to tip a few back into the vial, again, being sure not to touch them with your fingers.

3. Your child’s mouth should be free of food or drink for 30 minutes before a remedy and for 30 minutes after.

4. Holding the cap, tip the pellets into your child’s mouth.

5. Ideally you want the child to keep the pellets under the tongue or, at least, somewhere in the mouth to dissolve the remedy. My kids tend to want to crunch into the remedy immediately.

Aqueous Dose (good for babies and children who are sensitive to holding and dissolving a substance in the mouth):

1.  Fill a glass with 1 oz, about a tablespoon, of distilled or filtered water.

2. Shake the proper amount of pellets to equate to a dose into the cap of the vial. If you get too many pillules in the cap, you can shake them back into the vial. Be sure not to touch the pellets or inside the vial.

3. Tip the pellets out of the cap and into the water in the glass. Allow time to dissolve completely, about 2-3 minutes.

4. Once the remedy is completely dissolved, stir vigorously, about 10 seconds, with a metal spoon.

5. Your child’s mouth should be free of food or drink for 30 minutes before a remedy and for 30 minutes after.

6. Use a clean dropper or medicine syringe to gently give 1 teaspoon of the water-remedy solution allowing them the time to adequately ingest the liquid.

Working in concert with their HP supervisor, each family finds the best method for their children. The beauty of the remedy is that it is an energetic resonance and works safely and effectively with the child’s vital force to educate the immune system.

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well being.

May 25, 2017
by Kat

Procrastinating Parent, Yes, That’s Me

Busy_timeWe are fast approaching the first of the month. That means the first Sunday is a homeoprophylaxis administration day! I’m an HP parent, I am proud of our choice to educate our children’s immune systems using this protocol.

Why do I sometimes procrastinate regarding something that is beneficial to my children?

Homeoprophylaxis, or HP, is the process of introducing energetic information to the immune system. When we give an HP nosode, we are introducing to our children’s immune systems the energetic imprint of an infectious pathogen. A nosode contains none of the crude material of a pathogen. There are no live or killed pathogens; there are no pieces or remnants of microbes. There are no additives or adjuvants like those found in conventional vaccines. I am a proponent of HP. I know its benefits, have witnessed them and am happy that we have found this method of educating our children’s immune systems. And yet, sometimes I stall when giving my children their HP remedies.

Part of the process of administering an HP nosode is observation. We give an HP remedy and watch and wait. We like to give the process undivided attention and that takes precious time.

An important process of homeoprophylaxis is observing how our children’s individual immune systems respond to each remedy. In doing so, we have the opportunity to learn our children’s unique susceptibilities – to witness how their systems mount a response and resolve disease. As HP parents, we learn to tune in to the specific subtleties of how our children interface with the world around them through the mechanisms of their immune system. Since we are sentient beings, the mechanisms of the immune system also include how we operate emotionally, mentally and spiritually, if so inclined, in the world.

And so, I am guilty of looking at our family calendar.

Do my children have a more demanding week at school? We live in the seasonal allergy capital of the US, is one or both of them grappling with pollen allergies? Does someone have a runny nose? Are people coming into town? Are we traveling in the coming days? Will I be separated from my children for a large part of the day following an HP dose administration? If the answer is yes to one or a number of those questions then we reschedule the dose.

It is important to maintain a regular schedule of HP remedy administration and to ensure that there is not too large a lapse of time between remedies. It is equally important that our children’s immune systems be at their optimal when encountering new energetic disease information.

Any time we learn new information we go through a period of reorganization and a period of integration. While HP is safe and gentle, it is a process of learning new information. It creates heightened awareness in the body. The body needs time to integrate new lessons and learnings. If the body is already indisposed because there is a cold or an allergic inflammatory response, it is not a good time to administer the dose. Knowing what I do about my children, if they are also dealing with new or more emotionally charged situations, even if it is something fun, their systems are already pushing their limits. And so I wait.

With the help of their HP supervisors, every family determines their optimal HP administration rhythm.

In our home we attempt to assist our children’s immune systems by providing as calm and regular an environment as possible- as calm and regular as a 5 and 2 1/2 year old can be. This allows their systems to take in the new information presented by the HP remedy. It gives their systems the opportunity to integrate. Our fast-paced world is overflowing with myriad stressors be those emotional, physical, environmental, mental, you name it. Every family finds their rhythm, this has become ours. Building a few calmer, quieter days into our family schedule during which we administer the HP dose helps us all in the long run.

Who couldn’t use some down time and connection time in our busy world?

Here’s to finding your rhythm!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well-being.





September 4, 2016
by Kat

The Beach and HP! Conference 2016

HP2016You work hard to care for the health and well-being of your family. You are an active participant in your world and desire to collaborate, foster healthy relationships and move toward a conscientious way of operating in your community. By your very existence and decisions to consciously choose a preventative healthcare path that is steeped in honoring the totality of the individual, you have stepped outside the often boisterous din of the herd. How is that for you?

Perhaps you already are an HP parent. Perhaps you do not feel right about the ever-expanding “recommended”, and in some cases mandatory, vaccine schedule and now you are curious about homeoprophylaxis.

No matter what has brought you to this point, your questions, your concerns, are valid and imperative. It is by questioning and examining the world around us that we evolve and grow. You are educated. You do your research. Now what? 

Here is your opportunity to join many like-minded parents, health care professionals, leaders and educators who are championing a holistic, safe and effective approach to educating the immune system!

October 7-9, 2016 the Second Annual Homeoprophylaxis Conference makes its appearance in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are not static beings, we continue to dig deeper into our understanding of our own bodies and the world around us. In a time where chronic, inflammatory diseases are on the rise,  we are facing unique challenges in the wake of pharmaceutical-dominated medical practices. You will have the opportunity to hear from leading HP researcher Isaac Golden, Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych, author and conference chair Cilla Whatcott, Weston A Price Foundation‘s Sally Fallon Morell, vaccine rights attorney Allan Phillips, as well as healthcare professionals Ronald Whitmont MD, Debra Gambrell DO and many more. The presenters and speakers at this year’s conference will undoubtedly give us much to think about for ours and our cultures’ approach to health and preventative medicine as well as the ever increasing need to protect our health freedoms.

I had the opportunity to chat with Cilla Whatcott about the upcoming conference: 

EHP: I had the privilege to attend the first conference held last year in Dallas. From my perception, the first conference appeared to introduce and lay the foundation for homeoprophylaxis to be a viable public health measure for preventing infectious disease. The first conference also touched on subjects of immunology and legal considerations around choosing to break from the conventional vaccine paradigm. Judging from the phenomenal line-up for this year’s conference in St. Petersburg, I see an evolution happening. The conversation builds on the foundation of the first and expands to include medical professionals from the otherwise conventional paradigm. How did your thinking and motivation for the second conference evolve from the first?

Cilla: I could see that while parents are the driving force, the critical piece of progress will occur when their pediatricians wake up and take notice as well.  Then they can recommend HP with confidence.

EHP: How did you take your lessons learned to develop this upcoming conference?

Cilla: I wanted more MD’s, PhD’s and DO’s to present so the material would be respected by medical practitioners but still accessible to parents and lay people.

EHP: What are your goals and desired outcomes for the conference?

Cilla: To inform about HP in a way that can reach both parents and medical providers.  And to offer training to administer HP to medical providers.

EHP: As more MDs, NPs, PAs and DOs come on board with homeoprophylaxis, is that changing the conversation about HP, and if so how? Are there any pleasant surprises or emerging struggles given this dynamic?

Cilla: Well, they want double blind studies. This is not how medicine has traditionally gathered information. Clinical evidence is important – what doctors see among their patients. Much of the evidence for HP is observational. That being said, the observations have been with groups of millions of people. I think that’s pretty convincing. This is why I am also working with some MD’s to gather additional evidence.

EHP: As more licensed medical practitioners come on board with HP, how do you see that changing the approach to preventative care? Do you find licensed medical practitioners who offer HP do so alongside vaccination or do they discontinue vaccination at their practice?

Cilla: Most who understand the relevance of HP are also pretty savvy about the dangers of vaccination and choose to limit their use of it.

EHP: For parents new to HP, how would the conference benefit their understanding and practice of HP?

Cilla: It will give them a clear overall view of how immunity works, what role HP can play, where nutrition, gut biome and emotions interplay with immunity, and how HP is compatible in every way. They will also learns how to access an HP program for their children.

EHP: What would you tell parents who attended last year about the importance of this year’s conference?

Cilla: This year will go a bit deeper, follow a clear theme and provide them with some of what they thought might be missing from last year’s conference.

EHP: If a parent new to HP, and therefore homeopathy, were to ask how are conventional care and homeopathy different, what would be your answer? And, how can a parent integrate a homeopathy mindset in a conventional, industry-dominated healthcare system?

Cilla: Homeopathy and HP view health and disease in an entirely different way from conventional medicine.  Symptoms aren’t something extra on your body to “get rid of.” Symptoms are the body’s expression of what’s wrong and we interpret that in a logical way to steer towards greater health. There’s a lot more to teach. Let’s save that for another time.

EHP: Last time we talked a bit about the cultural shift emerging and the call to change the vaccination paradigm. In this one year alone, we have seen the outcry growing. Voices are begging to be heard. From the popularity of the movie Vaxxed, which we were given a sneak peak of at last year’s conference, to the challenge SB277 is getting in California, people are pushing back on the industry control prominent in the vaccination paradigm. What is your take on our present culture, the growing number of licensed professionals questioning the paradigm and the importance of this conference?

Cilla: My take is that all things contain opposition. You can’t have light without dark.  The increase in seemingly horrible mandates and frauds is exactly what needs to happen in order for the light to expand. People ARE waking up and this is a great thing!

EHP: This year, if a busy parent were only to witness one presenter, who do you think would knock the socks off an emerging HP parent proponent?

Cilla: Tough question, Kat.  I’d have to say ALL of it is important, especially since the entire conference flows with a theme that builds.

EHP: Anything else you would like to share about this year’s conference?

Cilla: An interesting addition to this year’s conference will be Dr Charles Gant who will be speaking about genetic testing and the information it provides to individualize medical care. This is critical.  One of the exhibit tables will also be offering genetic testing as well.  Also, Ty Bollinger (producer of The Truth About Cancer) will be present with his film crew to interview some of the speakers for his next documentary.  I’ll let the topic of that remain a mystery…..

Personally, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one presenter either. I am so excited to attend.

We will see you all in St. Petersburg! Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well being!

August 12, 2016
by Kat

My Friends Are Doing It So Why Don’t I?

Back to schoolA fresh new school year holds promises of new beginnings. With the launch of a new school year comes new classrooms, new teachers, new goals, new friends and new opportunities. These last few weeks of summer leading to that first drop off, or bell ring, often hold just as much anticipation and renewal as the change of a new calendar year, sometimes more so. Closely related to the excitement of anticipation is its shadowy alternate – anxiety about the unfolding unknown. The two often come hand in hand. When the hubbub of new school year preparations frequently include school-related vaccines and boosters, anxieties for non-vaccinating families are very real.

Until homeoprophylaxis becomes a publicly recognized method of infectious disease prevention in the Unites States, and I’m hoping to see it as such in my lifetime, families who choose to educate their children’s immune systems via HP are faced with navigating their state’s vaccine exemption systems. If you live in Texas, check out the Texans for Vaccine Choice link to exemption Q&A.

In addition to filling out our registration paperwork and checking off the supplies on the list, many of us have a few extra new school year jitters – Will the school push back on my family’s health decisions? Will my child be ostracized from his peers by otherwise well-meaning parents and/or teachers?

And, now that my son is old enough to quite overtly speak his mind, how do we talk about our family’s decision to use HP rather than conventional vaccines? 

Up until recently we’ve kept it pretty simple for Little Man, if not a bit dramatic: “If anyone comes at you with a shot or says you need a shot, you yell NO! Shots are bad for my body! And run.” We leverage his strength – his need for speed. He giggles at this permission to run screaming from an adult.

On a regular basis, main stream life confronts us with the general acceptance of the vaccine paradigm. Vaccine injections are normalized in our culture. This is confusing for a young child who knows that he does not receive this commonplace, yet invasive, medical procedure. 

From the vaccine episode of Daniel Tiger that we stumbled upon, doctor’s play-sets that tend to be a part of early childhood classrooms or the play place we recently visited, to conversations with his young friends and other trusted adults, Little Man, and all of our children, are inundated with the vaccine paradigm. I’ve noted his reticence when, once upon a time, another child approached him brandishing a toy syringe. I see his four year old wheels turning and the confusion with which he asks me about shots, as well as his attempts at sorting the mixed messages he receives from the other adults in his life.

Unfortunately I am also privy to the tinges of mistrust towards my husband and me in his underlying questions: “My friends get shots. Other family members that I love say shots are good and healthy. Who is right? Who is wrong? Can I trust my mom and dad?” 

We grow with our children and so does this conversation. Little Man is still given permission to yell No! and to run. In addition to that he now understands, in four-year old terms: that every family decides what is best for their children’s bodies. He now knows, and proudly repeats, that when he was a baby, he got a shot and his body did not like that shot. His body got sick. But then, with remedies, he got better. And, of course, he must add, that he is now stronger. (Imagine the image of a little boy flexing his muscles here.) And, instead of shots, he takes remedies, so that his body knows how to fight those illnesses if they ever come around.

He recently finished his entire HP protocol and yesterday we did an antibody blood titer draw. While HP does not purport to raise blood antibody titers, it concentrates on general immunity, parents can opt to draw titers to ascertain if any have been created. Homeopathy is highly individualized, each person has their own susceptibilities and their vital force responds accordingly. Once results are in, we’ll save this topic for another more in depth post.

How do you talk to your children about your choice to do homeoprophylaxis? How do you salute yours and your family’s health and well-being?

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and best wishes for a new school year!

July 3, 2016
by Kat

Coming up for Air

Brotherly LoveThere was once a time when I thought that to bear and raise children would mean the end of who I was as an individual woman. In essence, I feared that with children I would cease to exist. That thinking changed when I experienced love and support from my husband. It changed when I felt that he chose our relationship as his primary focus.

I once thought that upon having children I would desire life to take me to work outside the home. I imagined that I would feel trapped and isolated as a stay at home mom and that any children I had would benefit most from seeing me navigate a full time career while they were happily in the care of others.

Life often chooses you.

With the birth of our first son, I lost the position I had expected to return to; a position that included on-site care and flexible hours. Instead, the position offered to me demanded more of my time for less pay and no child care. Ha! The proverbial push to the periphery that I had once feared. Only this time, the decision was clear. My husband and I scrambled; we rearranged the working structure of our young family and I became the primary caretaker of our children that I am today. While it is the hardest “job” I’ve ever held and the corporate gigs I once had now seem like a vacation, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My foray into motherhood has been the most humbling experience of a lifetime.

The first year with Little Man taught me the importance of listening to my inner voice and standing up for my beliefs as a mother. It was Little Man’s first year that stoked the fire in my soul that became this path. While I valued holistic health, the premises of homeopathy and the issues around vaccine choice, they were not the personal tenants they are for me today. I had heard about homeoprophylaxis but it did not enter my consciousness the way it did after Little Man’s first few months.

We all have our journeys, we all have the moments that cleave us from the lives we once led to make us the people we are today. When the eyes are opened and hearts changed, there is often no going back. And so it is with our choice to be an HP family.

Late in 2014, we welcomed the addition of our second son and now, only now, I feel I am truly surfacing from the immersion that his first year demanded. If Little Man’s first year taught me anything about heeding my inner voice as a mother, Big Boy’s taught me the importance of acceptance and advocacy. Big Boy’s first year challenged the parameters of my heart to grow to proportions heretofore unexplored. This tender, highly sensitive child needed my everything; he needed me physically and emotionally in order to sort, make sense of and somewhat trust this big loud world. Together we weathered early breastfeeding issues, tongue tie, reflux, bottle refusal, night terrors, sleep issues, food sensitivities and several wee-hour trips to the ER for breathing issues due to susceptibility to croup. Have I ever told you how much I love those 2 am “discussions” with ER staff about my son’s vaccine status? Homeopropha-what?

We are the experts on our children. We are their advocates. 

It is for Big Boy that my life-learning expanded to include various food as medicine approaches. Being that he seemed to express various sensitivities form the start, I used aspects of the GAPS diet to introduce him to solids. On occasion, when I rally and attempt to organize myself and the budget, I use more GAPS approaches for our entire family. It is for both boys that my home herbal apothecary is now bursting from a kitchen cabinet and essential oils are lining up on the counter. I love finding ways to nourish and support my sons’ immune systems. I love watching them grow and I love imagining the young men they will become.

We have an awe-inspiring and humbling responsibility as stewards for the children who have been entrusted into our care.

Big Boy needed everything I could give in that first year and then some. I am heartened to see him explore his world more, to see him make strides. Always a cautious sensitive guy, the polar opposite of his brother, he quickly runs to mommy’s side. Little by little, we learn and grow together, each new day is an exercise in knowing the truth of who he is and accepting him, both of my boys, for who they are and helping them to live what is written in their hearts.  A wise friend once said that the measure of a year is in the number of occasions for laughter and for tears. In the case of Big Boy’s first year that year can be measured by tears of joy, tears of exhaustion, tears of exasperation, tears of exhilaration as we enter new phases of life development and development in our relationship with Big Boy.

The learning never ceases, each stage brings with it new challenges and new victories. This is a relationship of a lifetime and I hope to provide them with natural and holistic tools to live a healthy life full of vitality physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We all do the best we can with what we have and to that end I am dedicated to challenge myself to learn and grow, to challenge my previous comfort zones.

Here’s to being our children’s advocates along this path!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and well being.

November 12, 2015
by Kat

Life After the HP: A Worldwide Choice Conference – 2nd Interview


Yours truly, Cilla Whatcott and Isaac Golden. Note the Austin Clinic of Homeopathy banner in the background!

This past October, I had the opportunity to attend the first international Homeoprophylaxis (HP) conference. Being an HP parent, I like to examine, to question, to collect information and to wonder. As any responsible parent and care-giver does, given the information and experiences I have, I formulate the best possible course of action for mine and my family’s health and well-being. It has been a little over a month and I am still aglow with the tremendous information I received as an attendee of the HP: A Worldwide Choice conference. As any busy parent can attest, the demands of family life do not cease. There is no casual sit down with a cup of coffee and languid reflection on three days of paradigm-altering health information. And so, my mind still unpacks its light bulb, “aha” moments,  as each day passes.

The information I gathered from the powerful speakers, fellow exhibitors such as Weston A Price Foundation, and from the meetings with others who seek as I do, is integrated into my everyday. It shows in how I attend to my children, shop and prepare meals and otherwise build mine and my children’s immune systems through HP and otherwise.

I still can’t help but smile thinking about the women I shared stories with about creative ways to sneak fermented foods into our children’s diets, or the others whose pain was shared when speaking of their children’s vaccine injuries. I am inspired by immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych’s account of the power of the immune system – the call to shift from a disease centered paradigm of fear to a whole health model of looking at our bodies and overall wellness. Attendees learned of world wide research efforts to illustrate the efficacy of HP and saw accounts of how HP works in managing epidemics. We previewed excerpts from a documentary detailing homeopathy and HP. In the wake of many proposed and passed mandatory vaccination bills, we learned how to protect our health freedoms by navigating vaccine exemptions and civil rights law. We garnered more evidence of many of the dangers of vaccines and their failures. We viewed a trailer for a documentary about the errant ways of the CDC and FDA and we heard testimony from families affected by careless vaccination practices. We were encouraged to keep questioning, to trust our inner knowing, and to continue advocating for our children.

That weekend, I left Dallas, TX and the HP: A Worldwide Choice conference, confident and further informed regarding the health choices I make for my family. The conference attested to the growing number of HP families and also spoke to the work we have yet to do in becoming recognized as a public health measure in the current, all too powerful, vaccine paradigm.

I had a chance to catch up with Cilla Whatcott, who many of you know as one of my favorite HP mavens! She, along with Cathy Lemmon, is a Co-Founder of the HP: A Worldwide Choice Conference.

Everyday HP (EHP): Congratulations on a fabulous, highly-informative weekend! When we chatted prior to the conference, you mentioned goals and desired outcomes for the conference. Some of those included: raising conscious awareness that there is another way for infectious disease prevention, empowering parents to seek information, as well as engaging practitioners to learn more and employ HP in their practices, if they were not already doing so. In essence, the conference was to be a vehicle for building grass roots energy. How were those goals and outcomes met and how did they evolve, if at all, as the weekend progressed?

Cilla: I feel that those goals were definitely met and surpassed.  The energy throughout the conference was wonderfully informative and supportive.

EHP: This was the first international conference on HP, the first of its kind. How many countries were represented and what was your impression of the attendance?

Cilla: The attendance was quite good for a “first” conference of its kind. When I looked out over the audience and saw so many full seats it was exhilarating and so gratifying to see so many attendees hungry for information about HP.  I believe at least eight countries were represented and our total attendance was 130. 

EHP: What moments were priceless ones, moments which said to you: “Yes! This is why we gathered, this is why a conference such as this is so important.”?

Cilla: One of the best moments came when I was attending the AIHM (integrative medicine) conference three weeks later and ran into one of the pediatricians who had attended the HP conference in Dallas.  He pulled me aside and said “Your conference was so much better than this. It was really valuable information!”  That warmed my heart and gave me a glimpse of the far-reaching effects that will continue to roll forward.

EHP: What, if any, were some of your lessons learned?

Cilla: I learned some valuable planning skills which I’ll apply towards the organization of the next conference scheduled for January 2017. And I learned that you can never satisfy all of the people all of the time. There were accolades and there were criticisms. Of course I am thin skinned and learned that I need to grow a thicker skin if I am to successfully continue down this chosen path!

EHP: After listening to Isaac Golden, Dr Tetyana Obuchanych and others, my impression is that HP is part of a larger paradigm shift, it is part of a “Whole Health Model”. The Whole Health Model looks at our bodies as synergistic and interconnected parts of an ever-evolving whole, where the disease process is a symbiotic process and contingent on our holistic and constitutional care. Disease is not the dirty word many of us grew up with and at times even I struggle with shifting that perception. What would you say to a parent who is beginning to discover the power of the immune system? 

Cilla: You are absolutely correct, Kat. The shift is subtle but powerful. They say that all it takes is 10% of a group to shift and bring the others to the tipping point. I’d say “Follow your gut! The brain and gut ARE connected. If it feels right to you, then continue along. Immunity isn’t about stopping symptoms. It’s about long term health. If that’s NOT what we are seeing, then change is necessary!

EHP: How can we encourage parents in a culture that seems to believe there is only one way, and that way is to vaccinate?  In other words, how can we speak in a way that we may not be relegated to the fringe as yet “another anti-vaxxer”? 

Cilla: The definition of integrity is to be the same on the inside as on the outside. If you feel something isn’t right, don’t compromise yourself. Stand behind your word. Make your words match your heart. 100% integrity is the only wise way forward.  It’s the lack of such integrity that has gotten us into hot water.  Seek out valid evidence for yourself. Refuse to debate. Ask questions that crack open the door for others, such as “Do you know what ‘synergistic toxicity’ is?”  Engage their curiosity instead of drawing lines of division. Agree with the concept of protecting our children so they can see you are not anti-anything. We are all on the same planet, with the same desires for health and happiness.  Diffuse the argument by not engaging in it. The more grounded you are in your own calm certainty, the more influence you will have on others.

EHP: I really valued Alan Phillips’s presentation on exemptions and how state vaccine mandates are infringing upon our civil and religious rights. While HP is a safe and effective means of infectious disease prevention, it becomes more so coupled with constitutional care, nutritional immune support and healthy life-style choices. What, in your opinion, will it take for HP to be legally, whether that be at the state or federal level, recognized as a form of infectious disease prevention? 

Cilla: This is a tall order, Kat. I am currently working with a team consisting of an MD, a DO and an immunologist to conduct a small study measuring immune biomarkers before and after HP. The hope is to move this along to a more nationally recognized study and public validation.

EHP: Homeopathy seems to be its own healthcare system, one that is aligned with these principles of whole health; the disease process can be just as healing and immune boosting to our vital force and necessary for our health evolution. Many parents and individuals are finding the current medical practices to be lacking, at best, and, particularly in the area of ever-increasing and now mandated vaccines, down-right dangerous. As a practicing homeopath and HP practitioner, how do you see our concept of healthcare shifting? How can homeopathy and HP be part of a driving force for healthcare reform?

Cilla: What I see is a need to integrate homeopathy back into conventional healthcare.  The AIHM (Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine) is making efforts to train and enlighten physicians.  At their recent conference in San Diego I spoke with many doctors who are very interested in HP.  Those working for large hospitals or managed healthcare companies are frustrated and feel their hands are tied, preventing them from truly integrating the methods that are most helpful to their patients.  But when I listened to Deepak Chopra, homeopaths, and naturopaths speak at this conference, I feel certain that things truly ARE changing.

EHP: Will HP: A Worldwide Choice now become an annual conference?

Cilla: The next conference will take place in Florida in January 2017.  That’s 15 months after the first conference.  I would love to hold one annually. Let’s all envision that happening!

EHP: What do you see as the next steps for this grass-roots energy?

Cilla: The next step is for licensed medical practitioners to openly endorse HP.  They must be willing to expand their scope of practice to include it as a result of their patients demanding something safer and as effective as vaccines.

EHP: Any thing else that you feel is important to mention after such a wonderful and powerful weekend? 

Cilla: I’d say that if even half the attendees are experiencing the insight and awareness that you are, Kat, then we are making great progress. It’s only a matter of time before the tipping point occurs.

Thank you to you Cilla! And thank you to all of our HP families. You embody the change you seek!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and wellbeing.


Yours truly and vaccine law guru Alan Phillips


July 17, 2015
by Kat
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First International HP Conference

HP ConferenceYou are an educated parent. You research and weigh options for the sake of making the best possible choice for your family’s health needs. You’ve heard the media din about vaccines and infectious disease. You’ve read the headlines. You want to ensure the wellbeing of your children while creating a healthy community and responsible citizenry as well. Above all, you want choices and options when it comes to invasive medical procedures with potential, very real, and often serious side effects.

What if there is a choice? What if there is more than one way to educate our children’s immune systems in an attempt to stave off and lessen the plight of infectious disease?

Perhaps you’ve run across the term Homeoprophylaxis, or more simply, HP. The numbers of families choosing this safe, non-toxic method of infectious disease prevention are growing. Homeoprophylaxis, or HP, gives us a choice in infectious disease prevention methods.

Your opportunity to attend the first International Homeoprophylaxis Conference is here! To ensure you receive updates, check out and “Like” the Conference Facebook page here. October 2 through 4, 2015 in Dallas, Texas we have the opportunity to hear from some of the worldwide experts on HP!

Enjoy discourse and presentations from leading HP researcher Isaac Golden, Immunologist Dr. Tetyana Obuchanych, Vaccine Exemption Lawyer Allan Phillips JD, Gastroenteroligist Andrew Wakefield, Author of There is a Choice, Coauthor of The Solution, CoFounder and Chair of the conference Cilla Whatcott and many more!

I had the opportunity to chat with Cilla Whatcott about the upcoming conference.

EHP: What inspired you to hold a conference for HP?

Cilla: In my “first career” I was a dancer/choreographer and produced  large performances. I love all the moving parts and the excitement of watching something creatively come together.  Cathy Lemmon encouraged me to act with her on the idea of an international conference. Together we have encouraged and inspired each other to make this happen.

EHP: Was there anything about our current culture that inspired any “Now is the time!” activity?

Cilla: Of course the measles propaganda actually helped the issue to come to a head for many parents, and homeopathic practitioners have been deluged with requests for HP. I’d say the timing is just right! (I felt an urgency to leave the prior project I was working on and I think that was my subconscious knowing the time was right now!)

EHP: What are your thoughts about our current culture and the openness for this next step in shifting the paradigm?

Cilla: Parents are smart. They are asking questions and researching. Parents are also devoted to the welfare of their children. They won’t stand by and watch as their rights to make medical decisions are removed. This paradigm shift is happening. The pressure from the outside is creating the change on the inside. The awareness of energetic models is expanding and becoming more accepted as parents see the futility of suppressing symptoms, which causes more illness, and addressing the whole child instead.

EHP: What are your goals and desired outcomes for holding the conference?

Cilla: The goal is to raise the conscious awareness that there is another way, a better way.  This will empower parents to seek more information and explore alternatives. This will engage practitioners to learn more if they are not already employing HP in their practices. By showing the public that this has been done for many years, in many ways, in many places, we will build a grassroots energy.

EHP: You currently hail from the Twin Cities, a hotbed for North American HP and homeopathy in general. Why have the conference in Texas?

Cilla: Texas is a warm and welcoming place. Dallas is a well-known city internationally. Venues are more affordable than in many other cities. The middle of the country is accessible to both coasts equally.  And Texas is a BIG state that still has the philosophical exemption for vaccination. Perfect place!

EHP: What, if any, concerns are there regarding any conventional medical backlash? What do you think the response might be?

Cilla: There will always be cynicism, criticism and contempt for that which is misunderstood. When has it ever been different? But as Gandhi said, “First they ignore, then they laugh, then they fight, then you win.” I sense we’re approaching the “winning” phase.

EHP: It seems like such  wonderful, well rounded line up. There are presenters about law, about the immune system, about HP and homeopathy etc. If you were curious about HP, curious about shifting the paradigm, and could listen to just one presenter, who would you suggest?

Cilla: That’s tough because we carefully chose the presenters to really give a broad view of the topic, so each will be fascinating to hear. I think Tetyana will be very interesting for parents who are just learning more since she is a credentialed immunologist who is “enlightened.” Instead of spouting dogma, Tetyana has her eyes open and shares some excellent insights to the immune system.

EHP: As a parent in a state that has talked the talk about mandatory vaccines, I find that more parents become interested in HP when such rhetoric and pressure begins. In instances like this parents often find homeopathy because of an interest in HP. They seek a safe, effective alternative to the vaccinations, find HP and then are led to ask more questions about homeopathy. HP is not exactly classical homeopathy, how do the two fit?

Cilla: But it does stem from classical homeopathy. Hahnemann himself used it. Which is better, to wait until an epidemic sweeps the population, then scramble to find a ‘genus epidemicus?’ Or being prepared by educating immune systems with disease frequencies so they are prepared, in harmony with other lifeforms (viruses and bacteria) and we all evolve together? We are not the only ones on this planet and messing with Mother Nature has NOT served us well. Maybe it’s time to utilize natural methods to live in harmony. We are all connected and finally many are beginning to realize this truth.

EHP: Anything else that you find important to mention for interested parents or healthcare professionals?

Cilla: I would urge people to come to this conference, associate with like-minded people, open your minds to the amazing information that will be here. Having the support of international organizations like Weston A. Price and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association tells the world that the intention is authentic. This is an opportunity to feel the energy of those who care and want to make a real difference. Rubbing shoulders with these presenters and attendees will change the way you view the world. That’s a promise!

Cheers to your health and wellbeing. We’ll see you in Dallas in October!

February 8, 2015
by Kat

Let It Go … Oh Why Don’t You Just Let Your Freedoms Go?

FreedomsAs I write this, I listen to the rhythmic symphony of my baby’s breathing. I am often comforted by that inhalation and exhalation; I watch the rise and fall of his chest. At 3 months old, he is so young, so delicate yet strong and I find that steady breath a verification of his vitality, its consistency soothes this sometimes anxious new mother’s nerves. Here we are again, the new baby phase. The addition of Little Brother makes our family one of four. Again we are to our elbows in diapers, laundry and intoxicating baby giggles and coos. Little Man takes his new role as big brother very seriously and we are all finding our new normal.

With the introduction of a new human being into our culture also comes the slew of medical protocols, my personal favorite being the pressure to vaccinate.

Turn on any TV or internet news source and you will see that our current climate is riddled with fear and anger over the measles outbreak linked to Disneyland. The mass media is using this opportunity to rally the cry to abolish vaccine exemption laws. Parents who do not vaccinate are represented as anti-science, ignorant and are outrightly demonized for neglecting their “civic duties” and therefore, they are responsible for putting the populace at risk.

Fear abounds. The presence of pathogens and the reality of disease blatantly remind us of our mortality.

Like any concerned parent, I hate when my sons are plagued by seasonal colds, tummy bugs or junky coughs. Like any parent, I want to alleviate the slightest bit of suffering and I never like seeing symptoms rear their ugly heads. Interestingly, any time my boys do succumb to a cold or flu, I am reminded of the amazing power and wisdom of the vital force – of how well their immune systems do resolve illnesses. Part of vigorous health is the body’s ability to move through and resolve disease. Absence of symptoms is not necessarily an indicator of optimal health, a properly functioning immune system is. Childhood illnesses help to educate the immune system so that when pathogens are encountered the body recognizes and resolves it more expeditiously.

Introducing the body to pathogens in order to educate the immune system is the goal of both vaccination and homeoprophylaxis, or HP. That is where the similarities end. HP is free of the toxic live viruses, adjuvants and additives that can make vaccines  so problematic.

Intravenous administration of a pathogen, as seen in the practice of vaccination, is akin to a burglar stealing into our homes via a back window. It is an unnatural surprise to the immune system, confuses it and challenges it in ways that it struggles to process. Being that most pathogens enter our bodies via mucus membranes, HP is administered orally, rather than intravenously. An HP nosode always consists of one attenuated pathogen at a time, not multiple crude pathogen substances all at once like in common trivalent vaccines. The body is more readily able to recognize and deal with one attenuated pathogen at a time via a commonly encountered route like the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

When in nature would we ever become afflicted by diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis all at once and directly through the blood?

In many spheres the vaccination debate has turned quite ugly. Non-vaccinating families are often threatened and even told they must be segregated, no longer allowed to participate in the activities of community life if they do not “sacrifice for the greater good.” It is often stated that anyone who does not follow the vaccination protocol is dangerous. I’m sure I don’t even have to mention in detail what all that smacks of. Just open a history book or two.

The most alarming thing is the threat to our health freedoms. There are many camps calling for an end to our prerogative, as parents, to decide what is injected, if anything, into our children. Many pro-vaccine special interest groups want to see an end to the philosophical and religious exemptions

It is of utmost importance that we, as concerned, educated and active participants in society, have the freedom to choose our manner of infectious disease prevention, particularly when it comes to the administration of toxic, not thoroughly tested, drugs to our children. As educated HP families, we actively participate in preventative health measures not only for the good of our children but also for the good of our collective societies. With unencumbered systems, our children are more readily apt to fulfill their highest good and fullest potential, becoming vibrant, able adults.

How wouldn’t a vibrant, naturally healthy child not be a credit to society? Who is to gain most if vaccines are mandated and health freedoms erased? It certainly is not the children.

If such a basic freedom, as the manner in which we care for ourselves and our children, is taken away, who then makes that call and therefore who then are we owned by? If such a basic freedom is taken away from parents where will it stop? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What else will some government entity demand to do to our children for the supposed sake of the common good?

Call, write, visit your representatives. Remind them that they have constituents whom they serve, real people, with real children who care about what is pumped into their bodies.

Cheers to your health and wellbeing.

Note: The image on this post was found via a social media support group called Contaminated Vaccines. On its pages, parents, often once pro-vaccine, share their personal experiences of vaccine injury and support one another.



September 5, 2014
by Kat
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You Got Served, or Rather, Censored

censoredI’d like to think I live in a country where I am free to learn, research and civilly discuss health options for myself and my family. I’d like to believe that information that comes from organizations designed to safeguard and promote the health and welfare of our populace is trustworthy, unbiased and without the influence of special interests. I’d like to think that we are encouraged to be a free thinking people who are free to gather, question perceived authority and determine the best course of action with any unadulterated information gathered.

As an HP parent, I am concerned that such freedoms are, in fact, threated in our great country, right here, right now, in our present day and in regard to something so fundamental as our health.

A local news station here in Austin, TX performs a monthly public service by hosting town hall meetings. The topics address concerns of citizens. The meetings are presented in panel formats for discussion and optimal information gathering, overall, a great, diplomatic format. This month’s topic revolved around the growing numbers of Central Texas parents who question the safety of vaccines and who choose not to vaccinate and in so doing, Central Texas numbers of unvaccinated children are growing. The four panelists included: two pediatricians; our state NVIC director and president of PROVE (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Information); and the founder and chief homeopath at Austin Clinic of Homeopathy. As you can imagine, this HP parent was excited to cheer on a loved one as he represented and explained homeoprophylaxis for the public, and of course, as an HP parent, was also more than happy to attend and testify publically to the viability of HP for promoting and educating the immune system. We have direct experience with Little Man on our side.

On a national level, the recent revelations by a Dr. Thompson about the overt cover-ups perpetrated by officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the dangers of the MMR in the population, and particularly the African American population, has concerned citizens up in arms. Rightly so, questions about how well we can trust these organizations and the science they generate regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines should be asked, and frequently, particularly when there is special interest involved. When the board that licenses and governs vaccine manufacture is also the board that purportedly analyzes the risks and safety for the population is one and the same, absolute power corrupts and does so absolutely. Censorship on this topic is often swift and unyielding, sites and professionals are discredited, studies vanish and previously public documents disappear.

Censorship on this topic is far reaching but never before have I witnessed it so close to home and to have loved ones involved.

Interestingly enough, only days before the town hall meeting, we received word that two of the panelists had to cancel and the venue could no longer agree to be the location for this type of discussion. No detailed explanations were offered, there was no room for conversation. In essence, there was pressure to cancel discussions and information sharing regarding alternatives to the vaccine paradigm and open questioning of its authority. There are no motions for rescheduling the event as of yet.

What is so dangerous about parents and interested citizens gathering to discuss options for health? Why can we not have an open information for such important topics as the prevention of infectious disease?

The take home from this personal experience - HP parents already question, they seek, they dig, they do not accept on blind faith the words espoused by the vaccine industry. My hope is that all citizens begin to wonder that if something is so wonderful and safe, why are we not encouraged to gather, to discuss, or to know the specifics and the details. Many parents want to believe that their best interests and the interests of their children are taken into account when these local, statewide or national decisions in the name of health are made. These types of censorship tactics serve only to increase the sentiment that we are not being told the full vaccine story.

Parents, no matter what road you choose to educate your child’s immune system, know the full story, dig and discuss. Don’t let them feed you a tag line, find out the unadulterated facts. While we are never guaranteed immunity to any disease by the nature of our humanity, we can still make informed decisions. We are the ripple effect that will change the tides of our culture.

Cheers to your health and wellbeing.



August 21, 2014
by Kat
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HP Autumnal Anticipations

AutumnAlthough the temperature gage here in Texas still reads in the triple digits, the energy of fall is in the air and with it will eventually come the cooler, brisk air and the splashes of vibrant foliage characteristic of autumn. Like the energy of spring, autumn also speaks of renewal, albeit a quieter call to the inner world of the coming winter. For our children, fall begins a new school year, new opportunities and new experiences. For many, back to school also means the rush to the pediatrician’s office for the ever increasing list of vaccinations.

With more and more threats about children unable to attend school without evidence of up to date vaccinations, for HP parents, back to school can mean new and ongoing conversations about our health choices for our children.

As an HP parent, part of my back to school preparation is to ensure that the affidavit I had notarized and signed is still up to date and valid; and to supply a copy of the HP schedule that I have followed  for this past year. I am fortunate that my state still adheres to all three forms of vaccine exemption. For Little Man, I opted for the philosophical exemption and given that I was thoroughly prepared to write a dissertation defending our family’s health choices, it was surprisingly effortless to obtain. Last fall’s conversation with his program director also lead to pleasant surprises. It opened a civil mutual discourse about the state of our children’s health in our culture today.

Given the rise in chronic conditions in children and the seasonal gamut of acute illness, I can’t help but wonder how much those back to school injections pave the way for the ill health that often ensues once the kids are in the throes of the new school year.

It is no surprise that human beings grouped in close quarters share more than their ideas and inspirations. They also tend to share infectious pathogens. A susceptible child can be prone to picking up those pesky colds, coughs and stomach bugs. If a child’s immune system is already compromised and working overtime to resolve the introduction of the multiple pathogens, additives and adjuvants often found in modern vaccines, they will tend to be more susceptible to the pathogens present in their natural environment and in this case, that means the school environment.

By the very nature of our humanity, we grapple with disease. Neither HP nor vaccination is a 100% guarantee of immunity, neither protocol equates with invincibility to disease – so what can we do?

The best we can do is be informed and to bolster our children’s immune system via optimal diet; beneficial vitamins, minerals and herbs; exercise; methods for reducing stress; constitutional homeopathic care and, of course in the case of HP families, homeoprophylaxis. As much as I want to, I will never be able to shield Little Man from every illness. What I am happy to report is that I have witnessed the beauty of his vital force, with aptly chosen remedies when necessary, resolve the few colds and the stomach bug he has had quite easily. And interestingly, once he emerges from any such illness, there is inevitably a physical, mental or emotional developmental surge.

I love how our bodies work holistically and beautifully when given the opportunity!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and wellbeing.



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