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Back to School! Have you gotten your injections?


back to school shotsThe lunches are packed; supplies gathered. Back packs are donned; last minute books grabbed. A flurry of activity, voices clamoring, halls filling. Feet scurrying en route to classrooms before the tardy bell. That is… for all those who have dutifully fulfilled and updated their vaccinations.

All around town I’ve seen the reminders on school marquees: “Back to School! Is your child up to date with their vaccinations?”. Area pharmacies’ advertisements flash brightly: “Are you back to school ready? Get your shots here!” Great! Pick up your pencils, notebooks and vaccines, all in a handy one-stop-shopping trip. In bold block letters my area Independent School District’s website states: “Students without the required immunizations or valid exemption will not be allowed to attend school.”

For those of us who question the conventional vaccine paradigm, back to school and child care situations can be potential territory for philosophical conversations that can easily become emotional.

The vaccination paradigm can be powerful and strong particularly when access to education is also involved. There is a strong shaming tactic in the vaccine paradigm for those who dissent or question the practice. I’ve had my own bouts in the pediatricians office and now, with Little Man on the brink of beginning a weekly early childhood development program, I find myself playing out conversations with administrators about why no vaccine needle will ever again pierce my young son’s veins. There is a chance he will get the boot from the program, we shall see. What I want to call attention to is the handy phrase embedded in the bold block letters of the school website: “Students without the required immunizations or valid exemption will not be allowed to attend school.”

Just what constitutes a legal valid exemption to vaccination?

At the time of writing, the 50 US states have some degree of legal valid exemption from compulsory, read mandatory, vaccination. Those exemptions can include medical, religious or philosophical exemptions.

Philosophical exemption - Exemptions based on personal or conscientiously held beliefs. In most cases this exemption means that persons object to all vaccines. While there are still quite a few states that have this exemption, it is often under fire by legislation and there are quite a few interest groups seeking to remove this as a valid exemption. Keep abreast of the political climate surrounding this exemption in your state. It’s an important one for freedom of health, true freedom of choice and control over what the state mandates we do with ours and our children’s bodies.

Religious exemption - Exemption based on the idea of a deeply religious belief that opposes vaccination. Compulsory vaccination is therefore an infringement on the right to practice this religion and also the right to freedom of religion.

Medical exemption- This exemption necessitates a signed statement by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) that the administering of one or more vaccines would prove detrimental to the health of the individual. One can also be exempt if immunity is proven.

Our children have a right to education and are members of society just as their vaccinated peers are. In addition to protecting and educating their immune systems, how do we help them grant access to education in light of compulsory vaccine laws?

  • Know the laws in our states – Which vaccines are “legally required” and which are “recommended”? For example, in most states, the Flu Shot is recommended but not required to attend school.
  • Know the exemptions in our states – According to the parameters of our states what does a religious, philosophical or medical exemption mean? Which ones pertain to your beliefs, which one would hold the strongest for your situation?
  • Keep up to date about new bills, propositions, laws and the like that either expand or take away from our vaccine exemptions
  • Get active and take part of the movement to protect our health freedoms
  • Continue to support  our children’s immune systems through positive healthy behaviors

Together, we are changing the paradigm.

As HP parents, we proactively educate our children’s immune systems using a protocol that is safe and non-toxic. Being that even in a vaccinated population there can be outbreaks of disease that a vaccine was intended to alleviate, HP, coupled with classical homeopathy, proper nutrition, exercise, rest and stress management, seeks to elevate the total vitality of the individual so that the immune system can properly filter and mitigate diseases should our children come in contact with them. HP parents have decided to forgo vaccination but not health. We are not that image of the “ignorant vaccine dissenter” that the vaccine paradigm would have the populace believe we are. There are more answers to supporting the immune system than solely relying on vaccination and all parents are responsible for educating their children about nutrition, exercise and the like.

Cheers to your health and wellbeing.

Information for this post also gathered from the National Vaccine Information Center


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  4. Thank you so much Allie. I haven’t had the chance to write as much as I’d like; these topics are always on my mind and I know there are many of us who go through the ups and downs of living in this modern world doing the best we can with what we know. And if I can spread a little more about HP, then I am going to do it :)

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