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HP Autumnal Anticipations

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AutumnAlthough the temperature gage here in Texas still reads in the triple digits, the energy of fall is in the air and with it will eventually come the cooler, brisk air and the splashes of vibrant foliage characteristic of autumn. Like the energy of spring, autumn also speaks of renewal, albeit a quieter call to the inner world of the coming winter. For our children, fall begins a new school year, new opportunities and new experiences. For many, back to school also means the rush to the pediatrician’s office for the ever increasing list of vaccinations.

With more and more threats about children unable to attend school without evidence of up to date vaccinations, for HP parents, back to school can mean new and ongoing conversations about our health choices for our children.

As an HP parent, part of my back to school preparation is to ensure that the affidavit I had notarized and signed is still up to date and valid; and to supply a copy of the HP schedule that I have followed  for this past year. I am fortunate that my state still adheres to all three forms of vaccine exemption. For Little Man, I opted for the philosophical exemption and given that I was thoroughly prepared to write a dissertation defending our family’s health choices, it was surprisingly effortless to obtain. Last fall’s conversation with his program director also lead to pleasant surprises. It opened a civil mutual discourse about the state of our children’s health in our culture today.

Given the rise in chronic conditions in children and the seasonal gamut of acute illness, I can’t help but wonder how much those back to school injections pave the way for the ill health that often ensues once the kids are in the throes of the new school year.

It is no surprise that human beings grouped in close quarters share more than their ideas and inspirations. They also tend to share infectious pathogens. A susceptible child can be prone to picking up those pesky colds, coughs and stomach bugs. If a child’s immune system is already compromised and working overtime to resolve the introduction of the multiple pathogens, additives and adjuvants often found in modern vaccines, they will tend to be more susceptible to the pathogens present in their natural environment and in this case, that means the school environment.

By the very nature of our humanity, we grapple with disease. Neither HP nor vaccination is a 100% guarantee of immunity, neither protocol equates with invincibility to disease – so what can we do?

The best we can do is be informed and to bolster our children’s immune system via optimal diet; beneficial vitamins, minerals and herbs; exercise; methods for reducing stress; constitutional homeopathic care and, of course in the case of HP families, homeoprophylaxis. As much as I want to, I will never be able to shield Little Man from every illness. What I am happy to report is that I have witnessed the beauty of his vital force, with aptly chosen remedies when necessary, resolve the few colds and the stomach bug he has had quite easily. And interestingly, once he emerges from any such illness, there is inevitably a physical, mental or emotional developmental surge.

I love how our bodies work holistically and beautifully when given the opportunity!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and wellbeing.



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