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Life After the HP: A Worldwide Choice Conference – 2nd Interview



Yours truly, Cilla Whatcott and Isaac Golden. Note the Austin Clinic of Homeopathy banner in the background!

This past October, I had the opportunity to attend the first international Homeoprophylaxis (HP) conference. Being an HP parent, I like to examine, to question, to collect information and to wonder. As any responsible parent and care-giver does, given the information and experiences I have, I formulate the best possible course of action for mine and my family’s health and well-being. It has been a little over a month and I am still aglow with the tremendous information I received as an attendee of the HP: A Worldwide Choice conference. As any busy parent can attest, the demands of family life do not cease. There is no casual sit down with a cup of coffee and languid reflection on three days of paradigm-altering health information. And so, my mind still unpacks its light bulb, “aha” moments,  as each day passes.

The information I gathered from the powerful speakers, fellow exhibitors such as Weston A Price Foundation, and from the meetings with others who seek as I do, is integrated into my everyday. It shows in how I attend to my children, shop and prepare meals and otherwise build mine and my children’s immune systems through HP and otherwise.

I still can’t help but smile thinking about the women I shared stories with about creative ways to sneak fermented foods into our children’s diets, or the others whose pain was shared when speaking of their children’s vaccine injuries. I am inspired by immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych’s account of the power of the immune system – the call to shift from a disease centered paradigm of fear to a whole health model of looking at our bodies and overall wellness. Attendees learned of world wide research efforts to illustrate the efficacy of HP and saw accounts of how HP works in managing epidemics. We previewed excerpts from a documentary detailing homeopathy and HP. In the wake of many proposed and passed mandatory vaccination bills, we learned how to protect our health freedoms by navigating vaccine exemptions and civil rights law. We garnered more evidence of many of the dangers of vaccines and their failures. We viewed a trailer for a documentary about the errant ways of the CDC and FDA and we heard testimony from families affected by careless vaccination practices. We were encouraged to keep questioning, to trust our inner knowing, and to continue advocating for our children.

That weekend, I left Dallas, TX and the HP: A Worldwide Choice conference, confident and further informed regarding the health choices I make for my family. The conference attested to the growing number of HP families and also spoke to the work we have yet to do in becoming recognized as a public health measure in the current, all too powerful, vaccine paradigm.

I had a chance to catch up with Cilla Whatcott, who many of you know as one of my favorite HP mavens! She, along with Cathy Lemmon, is a Co-Founder of the HP: A Worldwide Choice Conference.

Everyday HP (EHP): Congratulations on a fabulous, highly-informative weekend! When we chatted prior to the conference, you mentioned goals and desired outcomes for the conference. Some of those included: raising conscious awareness that there is another way for infectious disease prevention, empowering parents to seek information, as well as engaging practitioners to learn more and employ HP in their practices, if they were not already doing so. In essence, the conference was to be a vehicle for building grass roots energy. How were those goals and outcomes met and how did they evolve, if at all, as the weekend progressed?

Cilla: I feel that those goals were definitely met and surpassed.  The energy throughout the conference was wonderfully informative and supportive.

EHP: This was the first international conference on HP, the first of its kind. How many countries were represented and what was your impression of the attendance?

Cilla: The attendance was quite good for a “first” conference of its kind. When I looked out over the audience and saw so many full seats it was exhilarating and so gratifying to see so many attendees hungry for information about HP.  I believe at least eight countries were represented and our total attendance was 130. 

EHP: What moments were priceless ones, moments which said to you: “Yes! This is why we gathered, this is why a conference such as this is so important.”?

Cilla: One of the best moments came when I was attending the AIHM (integrative medicine) conference three weeks later and ran into one of the pediatricians who had attended the HP conference in Dallas.  He pulled me aside and said “Your conference was so much better than this. It was really valuable information!”  That warmed my heart and gave me a glimpse of the far-reaching effects that will continue to roll forward.

EHP: What, if any, were some of your lessons learned?

Cilla: I learned some valuable planning skills which I’ll apply towards the organization of the next conference scheduled for January 2017. And I learned that you can never satisfy all of the people all of the time. There were accolades and there were criticisms. Of course I am thin skinned and learned that I need to grow a thicker skin if I am to successfully continue down this chosen path!

EHP: After listening to Isaac Golden, Dr Tetyana Obuchanych and others, my impression is that HP is part of a larger paradigm shift, it is part of a “Whole Health Model”. The Whole Health Model looks at our bodies as synergistic and interconnected parts of an ever-evolving whole, where the disease process is a symbiotic process and contingent on our holistic and constitutional care. Disease is not the dirty word many of us grew up with and at times even I struggle with shifting that perception. What would you say to a parent who is beginning to discover the power of the immune system? 

Cilla: You are absolutely correct, Kat. The shift is subtle but powerful. They say that all it takes is 10% of a group to shift and bring the others to the tipping point. I’d say “Follow your gut! The brain and gut ARE connected. If it feels right to you, then continue along. Immunity isn’t about stopping symptoms. It’s about long term health. If that’s NOT what we are seeing, then change is necessary!

EHP: How can we encourage parents in a culture that seems to believe there is only one way, and that way is to vaccinate?  In other words, how can we speak in a way that we may not be relegated to the fringe as yet “another anti-vaxxer”? 

Cilla: The definition of integrity is to be the same on the inside as on the outside. If you feel something isn’t right, don’t compromise yourself. Stand behind your word. Make your words match your heart. 100% integrity is the only wise way forward.  It’s the lack of such integrity that has gotten us into hot water.  Seek out valid evidence for yourself. Refuse to debate. Ask questions that crack open the door for others, such as “Do you know what ‘synergistic toxicity’ is?”  Engage their curiosity instead of drawing lines of division. Agree with the concept of protecting our children so they can see you are not anti-anything. We are all on the same planet, with the same desires for health and happiness.  Diffuse the argument by not engaging in it. The more grounded you are in your own calm certainty, the more influence you will have on others.

EHP: I really valued Alan Phillips’s presentation on exemptions and how state vaccine mandates are infringing upon our civil and religious rights. While HP is a safe and effective means of infectious disease prevention, it becomes more so coupled with constitutional care, nutritional immune support and healthy life-style choices. What, in your opinion, will it take for HP to be legally, whether that be at the state or federal level, recognized as a form of infectious disease prevention? 

Cilla: This is a tall order, Kat. I am currently working with a team consisting of an MD, a DO and an immunologist to conduct a small study measuring immune biomarkers before and after HP. The hope is to move this along to a more nationally recognized study and public validation.

EHP: Homeopathy seems to be its own healthcare system, one that is aligned with these principles of whole health; the disease process can be just as healing and immune boosting to our vital force and necessary for our health evolution. Many parents and individuals are finding the current medical practices to be lacking, at best, and, particularly in the area of ever-increasing and now mandated vaccines, down-right dangerous. As a practicing homeopath and HP practitioner, how do you see our concept of healthcare shifting? How can homeopathy and HP be part of a driving force for healthcare reform?

Cilla: What I see is a need to integrate homeopathy back into conventional healthcare.  The AIHM (Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine) is making efforts to train and enlighten physicians.  At their recent conference in San Diego I spoke with many doctors who are very interested in HP.  Those working for large hospitals or managed healthcare companies are frustrated and feel their hands are tied, preventing them from truly integrating the methods that are most helpful to their patients.  But when I listened to Deepak Chopra, homeopaths, and naturopaths speak at this conference, I feel certain that things truly ARE changing.

EHP: Will HP: A Worldwide Choice now become an annual conference?

Cilla: The next conference will take place in Florida in January 2017.  That’s 15 months after the first conference.  I would love to hold one annually. Let’s all envision that happening!

EHP: What do you see as the next steps for this grass-roots energy?

Cilla: The next step is for licensed medical practitioners to openly endorse HP.  They must be willing to expand their scope of practice to include it as a result of their patients demanding something safer and as effective as vaccines.

EHP: Any thing else that you feel is important to mention after such a wonderful and powerful weekend? 

Cilla: I’d say that if even half the attendees are experiencing the insight and awareness that you are, Kat, then we are making great progress. It’s only a matter of time before the tipping point occurs.

Thank you to you Cilla! And thank you to all of our HP families. You embody the change you seek!

Cheers to yours and your family’s health and wellbeing.


Yours truly and vaccine law guru Alan Phillips


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